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a fierce drawbarian from the freezing steppes of canada! here to slay boredom and lay waste to lame ideas!

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is for fools!

vancouver bc

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Comments (13)

Hey jouste! Loving the new drawings! If you wanna get more involved in the art scene, you could always head down to the art forums at th BBS and participate in some of the contests. It's a great way to stick your foot in the door, and get better recognized with the community ;)

thanks a lot guru! you're always looking out for me.

i'll try and get on there soon!

I love your style, what technique do you use?
I am interested on it, that since I really want to learn some good looking colours to my work.
Man you are awesome

hey dude! i use a tablet, sketchbook pro for the lines, then color in photoshop.

it takes a bit of cash to get a decent tablet but its really worth it to work digital. i see that you do a lot of pencil sketching, so that means your line work will be strong if you switch to digital. :)

coloring is also a lot easier digitally.

Niiiiice profile / ART !

thanks bann3d. glad you dig it! ;)

Love your Artwork mate, excellent detail!

I have nicked the Knothead image for my wallpaper on my phone. The squirrel just...completes it. lol

Looking forward to your next image.

awesome! knothead is a wallpaper! very cool dude, glad you like the stuff!

more images will be comin' soon!

love the art. keep it up.
cant wait for more from you

it will be coming your way pal :D

have you done any kind of animation i rally fu**ing love your style and would really wanna see it in a movie / animation :D

i haven't really done any animation worth posting. but i may think about it. thanks for the comments!

Hi again Jouste :P me and my friends are working on a game that will be complete sometimes near x-mas and after that were thinking about starting on a new game :P and we thought ( beacuse we love your art style ) you maybe would like to join our team ( Deaviant Digital Studios ) to be one of our lead artists or something ;D but you dont have to answer right now you can think of it

BTW : We are only in the ages of 12-14 and we are not planning any very serious stuff ( like PSN or Xbox Live Arcade ) but we have some games planned for later ;)

See Ya Homie :P

emailed ;D

love your stuff buddy. your characters are great and well thought out, i can't wait to see more

there will be alot more coming! thansk for the support :D

Sweet drawing dude!
do you have like a site or something? Because the one you linked too doesn't work.

i linked to a site? i don't have any currently, i need to get a better body of work together first :D

your art is the best art in the portal and always will be :).....i hope

thanks for the support!

i hope to be here for a long time. and the portal is full of great dudes. i am happy to be among them!

man ur one of the best i ever seen. keep doin wat u do best! maybe i can send u some of my cuzin art sometime and wat company do u work for? and if u did any games?

hey there, i work for threewave software currently, we do multiplayer content for games. our latest release was ghostbusters multiplayer

what do you color your drawings in?

photoshop cs2. i also overlay textures over my stuff from cgtextures.com a great resource for textures.

the art is amazing but what honestly is impressing me is that every one of these characters has a back story. As a D&D player, well used to be, close to your age i am terribly impress by that. If I could draw i would attempt the same but alas, my hands are dumb and unable to convey what you have, so bravo sir, and best of luck as you continue. If i could find a way to favorite you as an artist I would, but I am either dumb or lazy as far as searching for that is concerned.

thanks dude.

i always like hearing that people enjoy my back stories for my guys. and i got no idea how to favorite dudes on this site, i think there's a heart icon but i honestly couldn't tell you what that does.

and D&D rules, i think that a lot of people could benefit from a couple of game sessions. it helps people out both socially and get's thier imagination going.

thanks for dropping by and checking out my stuff. and thanks for the starswquatch fave! :D