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loved it!

i'm a big fan of your first one and this one is even better. loved the music and the puzzle rooms were so cool. the character looks really slick and the environmental effects really married the classics with the more current games.

all in all a wicked job. i initially didn't like the one pixel stroke on some elements but quickly got used to it. i loved the undead dudes that climb out of the ground and the ghosts cracked me up every time.

great premise and excecution!

i really like this game, but I'm god awful at it.

what gets me is the idea itself. it painted a great picture in my head of what was going on and within minutes i was crushing those bastard archeologists.

the execution is really slick as well. looks good and plays really well.

i don't know if i'm just an idiot or it's hard but i got stuck easily. it's most likey my fault, i just wish i was better so i could see more of the damn thing.

super work all in all. thanks for a cool game!

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this is a great tune.

the music is very subtle and fits into almost any mood while the percussion is edgy enough to warrant some fun and attention.

i've been rocking it on loop for a while now.
it makes me feel like adventuring really badly D:

great stuff serious!


SeriousAdam responds:

Thank you :)

Im glad you are enjoying this tune


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Really love this one.

The perfect balance of detail and fall off. Great work.

deathink responds:

Thanks Jouste, I really appreciate you saying so.

So good!
I really love where you took this. really knocked my old design out of the park. great job!

this rules

smokery this rocks. excellent work. full score all the way.

i love the open space you have and the asymmetry of your character. it feels really great, very interesting for a piece that emits this much violence.

after combining your drawing with the poem the image all of a sudden became peaceful and almost sweet as i started understanding why it was all going on.

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