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a fierce drawbarian from the freezing steppes of canada! here to slay boredom and lay waste to lame ideas!

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game artist

is for fools!

vancouver bc

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Comments (13)

hello, nice art you got here :D i like
the bounty hunter drawing aloth ! :D

- kebabh


glad you like the art!

i take it you are referring to stomps. that's super, he's one of my faves as well.

I'm in love with you art work....What program do you use?

hey man thanks!

i use sketchbook pro to do my linework (at 300 dpi) then i color with photoshop.
then i usully overlay textures from cgtextures.com.

hope that helps your artistic endeavors!

Loved the drawing! I'm so glad you got rescouted again! The art portal just wouldn't be the same without ya.

thanks so much for calming me down dude, this site is still new to me and i was all like "WHAT'S GOING ON!?!?" and crying. i didn't know where to turn!

so thanks so much for explaining what happened and helping me out!

Hey you should do something for the ng 2010 calendar!

oh reaaaaly...
who say's i haven't already started on something?


Wolfentir linked me your stuff,

and I love you.

dude the love is mutual. you got some super stuff.

and i hear wolfentir is really just 4 vampires in a robot suit so you really shouldn't trust his links at all.

thanks for stopping by dude.

you know i love you art:D maybe you must a dad character (from dad 'n me) that will be awesome

that's a great suggestion, dad 'n' me is one awesome game!

we'll have to see if i can get the calender piece done in time.

with the space werewolf when you say no one liked it (execpt i) maybe you change thie picture with out a hole because it ugly sorry but i gave you 10 because the wolf was really awesome its just a hint;) (still love you art)

haha the hole is ugly!? D:

thats fine, i'll accept that its ugly before going back and fixing it. i've found if you keep re-fixing your old art you never get any new art done!

thanks for the votes and the suggestion. next lou garoux pic will have no hole. :D

i've really take a look at the hole mayb you just changed it becuase its just look wierd the first time i saw it i really don't pay atwtion on it:P so i think it was ugly but i have take a look on it and now i think you muybe change it but i just can't say what:S and i reviw you starsquat and stomp;) they're epic:D

thanks dude! but i've probably failed if you didn't like the hole to begin with. maybe next time ;D

do hat you wanna do i'm just a little confused if you must wis the hole or change or leave it i dont know i'm just confused so do what you wanna do

oh i wont come back to this drawing i was talking about drawing another one later ;D

you'tr new picture is you're best picture (and will you answer my review of starsquat)

thanks dutch! i responded to your review, thanks man!

You. Are. The. Best artest I have ever seen!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! You shold make a game or a movie!!!! KEEP UP THE GOO WORK!! ^_^

will do pal! thanks for dropping by dude! ;D


SO' a I'm makeing one too, I don't know if you saw it ..."Royal Fulps" on the Talk thread ...not done.

i'm not too savvy with the forums yet dude. could you pm me a link so i could see?

Great. I just hope you keep improving and not get unscouted from the art portal. I could only say that you are talented...

i'll keep the work coming pal! thanks for all the reviews and high scores, i've seen you pop up a few times ;D,

and i'm pretty sure they've fixed those un-scouting shenanigans.

good hearing from you again dude!