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a fierce drawbarian from the freezing steppes of canada! here to slay boredom and lay waste to lame ideas!

37, Male

game artist

is for fools!

vancouver bc

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Comments (14)

no man, YOU rock

thanks for dropping by pal! good to hear from you!




man that was a wierd thing to read first thing in the morning.


It's well deserved :P Your work is amazing, don't stop doing it for anything.

nothing short of shedding my mortal coil will stop me from drawing... thanks for stopping by!


wow i didn't saw his soulder o_o wow cool you ownt i really think you are one of thee best on the ar portal:D:D:D but i love you the most because you always answer me thanks man for that

hey no problem! an artist is only as good as they are to thier fellow man!

thanks for all the high scores dutch :D


A big high-five to you too, my good sir. It's creative minds like you that fuel this website.

P.S. Oh dear, was your post in the Calendar Topic deleted? What a horrible mod, for whoever did that.

wow guru thanks a pile!

man what would i do without you? you're like my spirit guide through his wierd and wonderful world of newgrounds! thanks so much!


Oh, wait a second. There's a new calendar thread, because the old one got deleted somehow. Make sure to resubmit your art there!

done and done! thanks so much guru. :D

love you work man. your entry will be in this years calender no question about it.
you do the same as me then i always reply to my messages but its getting really hard for now i have like 4 pages of art work.

yeah they actually need a better way to notify artists when thier stuff is being reviewed. it's a pain to cycle through all the images you've ever done just so you can at least write a thank you in the box. or comment.

your stuff is great dude! thanks for stopping by.

wow dude I love it.

holy cow! the man himself!

thanks so much. for stopping by dude. i'm super glad you love the pic :D

so a one other alien soldier is coming cooooool:D pleas pm me i wanna be the first reviewer

will do :D

just great

hey thanks a lot pal! glad you stopped by!

new reviews from me

thanks dutch!

appreciated as always.

Wow! Thats awesome! Youre to cool for anything else but art! I just became youre #1 Fan! :D

haha great!

thanks a lot for all your high scores ILNGSM, i'll keep the cool stuff coming!

Congrats Jouste! You made the calendar! *High fives*

whooohoo! january!?!?

holy ass crackers that's quite the honor! thanks for delivering the news to me so fast! i know i can always count on you guru.

you rock!

*on the flip side*

YEAH JOUSTE IS IN THE CALENDER yeah fuking awesome keep going you will never disappoint me :D:D:D i will always love you art

hooray! thanks a lot dutch!

there was quite a lot of awesome entries in there and i'm glad that i'm one of them!
thanks for stopping by and congratulating me!