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a fierce drawbarian from the freezing steppes of canada! here to slay boredom and lay waste to lame ideas!

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is for fools!

vancouver bc

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Comments (13)

Don't give up. We all have a purpose. And in response to you egads, Great Scott!

lol, thanks for the boost man! much appreciated :D

I'm sure you'll find a job soon. Who wouldn't want to hire a fierce drawbarian to their party? At the moment you can use your slacking time to experiment more with your style and technique! :D

yeah that's a good point. that's pretty much what i've been starting to do. it's a slow time coming but i'll get there. i should probably make a point to add that i'm a drawbarian on my resume.

thanks for the vote of confidence nekow!

Youll find your place, youre one of the most talented people here.

oh man it's jimp!

dude you did a stellar job on zOMGies. very awesome. thanks for dropping by the post with some kind words. good to hear from you

It's great that you can still manage to keep so positive! You're bound to be picked up by some company, I'm sure of it. All I can suggest right now is to look around everywhere for jobs that require 2-D art talent.

I'm confident that you'll land something in concept art or design!

that's a really good idea guru. thanks for dropping by with the kind words. its always great hearing from the guy that helped me figure out this site. thanks again! :D

Thanks for the help! Also you don't need me to tell you that you'll get a new job soon, I'm pretty sure Vancouver is a good place for a game artist to find work! In the meantime, maybe you could post some of your work up here... I'm sure it looks fantastic

anyways, good luck

thanks for the boost pal.

yeah vancouver is going through some things recently. the olympics are hitting us and it's going to be real busy. i'm not to sure how that will all pan out. thanks for wishing me luck! :D

Stuff is great and are you learning in some art school or VFS ?
Because your art looks so wonderfull.
People love it.
And how it is Vancouver ?
I just ahd diea to go live there.

i'm outta school, i was in games for about 3 and a half years at a studio that shut down. vancouver is great, a little on the expensive side but it's still a lot of fun.

thanks for the compliment! ;D

Why don't you try selling posters, or making art offline (I mean paintings that would be originals) so that you can sell it? Given the popularity of your art style along with the sense of humor, there are many a geek that would buy your paintings/posters. I noticed you have a few on deviant art, but having your own website (that all the newgrounders would visit after seeing your art) would be a profit making endeavor.

hmm, that could be a really neat idea. i may look into that. i'll have to find the best way of making prints myself and sending them out to people.

thanks for getting my gears working!

Maybe the Behemoth will give you a job... Im just saying. ;)

haha what a nice suggestion!

i'm pretty sure that behemoth has enough on their plate right now that they wouldn't need a guy like me. thanks a lot for the comment tho pal, good to hear from you shadman ;D

Fav'd as an artist..you have some really great work :I

hey thanks a bunch! glad you like it. i'll keep on doin what i'm doin!

There is no why you shold be unemployed, you reek of talent. Good god, have they lost their minds?

haha thanks for the confidence boost. but theres not much i can do to hold together a studio. a few bad decisions and a bit of the economy made that happen :)


sweet! thanks! XD

Aw Dude! I'm so sorry :(

No artist should go hungry - I feel your pain!

Oh man, really sorry to hear. Seriously, my heart sank a bit while reading that. =(

Commissions are always a good way to grab some extra cash while you wait for the next job. On the other hand, if you're not in terrible need of money, the extra time is a great opportunity to draw the stuff that makes you truly happy and to push your art to an all new high.

Keep fighting the good fight, mighty drawbarian. I'll see you around!

PS: What was the name of the studio you were working at?