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Posted by jouste - September 30th, 2009

hey all!

it's been a bit of a cluster at work but i'm back on the art-making train!
i've been getting so much reviews from so many people and that deserves a huge thanks from me!

thanks so much!

some things coming up are a super cool sketch trade with that awesome dude dommi-fresh!

hopefully i do dangerous jim justice! or else he'll come over and cut my heart out with matilda the machete D:

stay cool folks, be talking to you later.



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no thnks niwl awys review you'r art:D maybe you must make a flash of all your art:D that will be awesome and i'm you're first coment:P you rock

lol thanks dutch!


noted :)

awesome, you deserve all the good reviews you get!
Prints? :P

thanks dude! prints? hmm i think i'd have to get them done up myself at the place by my work and send them off myself which would mean they'd proibably cost a bit more than people would be willing to pay ;D

Excellent job! Can't wait for anything else ya happen to do! Remember, try to get involved with art forum happenings! It'll get you on good terms with the community , and people working on games will be more likely to hire ya for concept art. If you already get frontpaged for practically all of your submissions, imagine how well-known you can become if you can get on good terms with the BBS community!

Make sure to take the option into consideration ;)

thanks for the information guru!

man alive i'd be lost here without you as a guide. i'll see what i can do with the art forum. this month its a lot of OT and entering the un-earthly challenge. so hopefully i can get something going in the art forums here as well!

thanks for the pointers as always, good to hear from you again guru.

Man you have really achieved a high level of proffesionalism in youre art! Youre friggin awesome! I wanna be like you one day :P Say if I may aks, what do you work as?!

thanks a lot shadman!

currently i'm an environments artists at a game company. i make hard surface things like rubble and tables and stuff for players to get behind and shoot. i'm hopin and prayin i can get a cool enough portfolio going that i can one day be making up hundreds of characters for a game company.

keep up the good work man! you are really skilled and also active on reviews and things like that. that is a great quality that i'm sure will be an asset to your future career in art!


jsut wanna say wow o_o your orange knight daily first weekly first and monthly 3 really cool and a new revieew from me on your new art picture and if you always send me a pm if you send a new art i will try to mame it daily first

thanks dutch!

yeah i just noticed that some of my artwork has trophies! D: i was really suprised, what a cool feature they have here! thanks for the review pal, i responded to it quickly ;D

Your art is awsome, Anyway heard about you through Dommi, Good work man keep it goin!

hey thanks for the comment!

dommi is good people. and i'll keep it going for sure pal. thanks for stopping by!


you don't have to listin to all of the 3 only if you want