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unearthly challenge whooo!

Posted by jouste - October 9th, 2009

hey all you cool crazy cats!

so the sketch trade went swimmingly with dommi-fresh rocking out a sweet version of my lazarus legion dude! i'm pretty happy with my version of dommi's dangerous jim character, it was a blast to do and better happen again soon!

so i did up an entry for the halloween art contest, the story was hilarious and the entries are looking hot so be sure to get yours in the running! here's mine!

and newground news aside a very cool contest is going on that is eating up what little spare time i got going on its the 2nd annual unearthly challenge! a cool contest where teams make up 3d game environment scenes with current gen game specs. there's also a 2d contest as well! super cool stuff, last years had some awesome winners.

thanks for checking out the news dudes! *highfives*


unearthly challenge whooo!

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Hey jouste that's awesome i even check your art portal every morning! just checking if there's anything new! by the way that Halloween entry is awesome! And why have any blams or saves? That's why your Neutral! Buy the way have you played Miami Shark? because it's awesome! by the way... Love your art!


to be honest even after reading the blams and saves thing i'm still a little confused on how it all works.

and i would hate to blam something that didn't need it and they got burned because of me. i know i'll get it soon though.

thanks for lovin' the artwork!

Great job again, jouste! Maybe when that Unearthly Challenge is over, you could submit the entry to the art portal! Wish you much luck in the contest, and keep on doing what you're doing!

i for sure will guru! i'm working on a 2d one as well as collaborating with a team, i'll be sure to show both. thanks for the luck! there is a lot of talented people entering so it's just been fun working alongside them.

thanks for stopping by, you always got the good info!


I love you.

i love you too. but you never call! D:

Jouste I LOVE your art
It's... oh I dunno... it's got something that appeals to me
a lot!
haha Keep up the good work man
Hope you win the art contest


thanks for lovin' the art dude! hopefully my stuff willl keep appealing to you. i see that you are an artist and a writer? thats a lot of responsibility, best of luck in all your endeavors!

thanks for the vote of confidence in my contest entry!

eey man a huge fan from ou is here:D just to make some thing clear with you newest picture i thought it was funny with the text: nice family do you haveXD and you must win the contest you drawing is just unique never tougt you draw it yourself:O if i know that earlyer more picture had a 10

hey dutch!

thanks for dropping by! i'm glad you found that picture so funny. it seems to be a hit with quite a few people.


:O Lol I feel honored... ish
You visited my profile xD
Woo :P Haha anywho
Yeah I do a lot of both, writing at home, and drawing a school haha
Honestly though my drawings ain't half as good as what you do haha
But I'm sure you've had years of practice.
So I just gotta keep the practice up! :D
How long have you been drawing for? Out of curiousity

you got it pal! just keep on practising.

let's see, i'm twenty six now, and my ma says i've been drawing since i was 2 (i don't really believe her but thats what she says). but i've realy been taking it as a serious career thing for 5 or so years.

thanks for dropping by again!

No thanks needed
I'm just happy to check up on your profile
and happy to continue to get replies from you =D
So you said that you've like been taking the past few years more seriously career wise, correct? Like what do you do then? Draw for businesses and stuff?
P.S. Hope I'm not annoying you with all these comments xD

nope, not annoying at all.

well now i do the odd commission on the side but for work i work at a game development studio doing environmental assets. we recently did the multiplayer for ghostbusters the video game for example. basically i want to be a full time concept artist at a company but my style just doesn't interest a lot of the big studios.

so i've been drawing more in my spare time (which is HARD cause there's so many good games out now) and doing my best!

thanks for taking interest! keep on keepin' on!

Your so fucking cool. I love you art <3. Favorite on newgrounds!

wow thanks dude!

thats a super cool thing to say. hopefully i can keep you interested in my stuff! thanks for dropping by!

Nice jouste! you have 8 saves and 3 blams! you should switch your aura to light! because you have more saves than you have blams! So jouste if you post new things dont forget my advice!

yeah thanks a lot for your advice ILNGSM. i finally figured out what it all meant! i guess you just gotta stay on top of all the new stuff that comes out to keep those things happening

thanks again! :D

Sweet art and congrats on your Dad n me plush .

thanks man! the plush just arrived today and it's sitting at my desk! :D

Hope you win.

thanks a lot pal! it's definitely a long shot but it's been fun so far! thanks for dropping by my page and wishing me well!

Hope you win!

thanks for the vote of confidence pal! looks like i took to long to respond to your reply. i came in 4th! ;D thanks for rooting for me!

please come view my art and say your opinions about it. I would like to have my art criticized by an expert like you jouste. Thanks!

will do pal. i'll comment on your news post soon after i check out all your stuff

Grats, jouste! You came in 4th! Ya did excellently!

hooray! guru coming in for the news flashes as usual! thanks a lot for telling me what's up. 4 is like my favorite number! ;D

So you did win! I was right! Congrats jouste!

thanks dude! ;D it was alot of fun working with those all stars. and they put in so much work they deserved those top slots!

Are you dead?

I just found your stuff, and I'm loving it! Everything is so well polished and inventive, with a fun backstory to link it all together! I'm not a great still life artist, and you can forget about me trying to have colour, shading or depth but I'm working on it! Your work is a great source of inspiration.