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Happy Madness day to all and my Pax-plosion

Posted by jouste - September 23rd, 2010

hey hey all!

so i promised to drop off the link to a download of a bigger behemoth print so you guys can print it off and hang it on your fridge! or in your locker! or staple it to your face and cut out two eye holes so people know that you love the behemoth!

so i entered Jazza's wicked cool poster contest for larry and the gnomes and i also am working on some other stuff. madness day was great! and i hope everybody had a maddening time playing all teh sweet games and watching all the rad movies.

oh man i got january! hooray! thats two years in a row i snagged that sweet month. what an awesome turnout for art this year in the calendar contest. i absolutely love the cover and i'm super honored and stoked to be a part of it.

hope all you newgrounders are keeping cool. thanks a pile for dropping by!

-jouste the drawbarian

Happy Madness day to all and my Pax-plosion

Comments (5)

you are so winning that Larry contest :P

hey thanks for the vote!

i think there might have needed to be more gnomes in there tho D:

I bet you will win man :) Mainly because your art is so AMAZING! :O. And again congrats on winning the calender contest! You definitely deserved it :) You are a pro.

it's a big honor to get accepted into the NG calender. i love being a part of this awesome community in any capacity.

thanks for dropping by!

man i think your awsome and im surprized i havent asked you this but what do you draw with

a cintique 12wx. i do lines in sketchbook pro and color with photoshop. i also overlay textures from cgtextures.com

your last art was amazing

hey thanks man! i'm glad you liked it ;D

What I like about you is not your art itself but your personality that your very easy to approach unlike most awesome artists I know. Plus you always give off that friendly aura. Hope you stay like that.

hey that's good to hear, i'd like to think of myself as an approachable guy. i can't really ever see myself changing pal so don't you worry!

plus its always good to hear from a guy like you who always drops me kind words in reviews and such. thanks a pile!