Necrodancer at PAX PRIME! (2013)

2013-09-04 17:59:37 by jouste

Hey Guys!

Been far too long since Iv'e done one of these! I just got home from the best PAX ever. Crypt of the Necrodancer showed super well and we had such a crazy time there showing it to everyone. The DDR pad was busted out (replaced by a better one from a Local fan, thanks David!) and tons and tons of dancers hit it up and rocked it! A huge thanks to Brace Yourself Games (Ryan Clark) and the super awesome Ted Martensfor being such an awesome team! I feel like our Team is so freaking stacked I had to drop by here and just say it. Danny B (from super meatboy) on the soundtrack, Kevin Regamey of Powerup Audio

also we JUST released this trailer that's super cool! I'l also try and post up the concept work I've been doing right here.

so drop by and check it out! Thanks so much guys.

-jouste the drawbarian

Necrodancer at PAX PRIME! (2013)


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2013-09-07 02:27:41

Yeah, it's definitely been too long! Glad to hear things have been doing well, they have, haven't they?

You see Behemoth and Tom there as well?


2014-07-23 16:20:59

Speaking of Jouste, Games and PAX Prime, here's a game that would would be awesome for you to draw the charactersof that was either at this year's Pax Prime or will be at the next one. I don't know when it happens. . Sorry if this annoyed you.

jouste responds:

yeah gigantic looks amazing! I wouldn't dare sully their insane artwork by doing a fan version of mine haha. thanks for the link!