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Viking Squad Releases! Hooray!

2016-10-05 15:55:59 by jouste


Hey Guys!

     After almost 3 years of hard work our game Viking Squad is out! It's a fun, arcade throwback to brawlers with a lane based approach to combat. It's built by a core group of 3 people out of Vancouver Canada with sound from Power Up Audio and music from A Shell In The Pit. Holy crap is developing a game a ton of hard work!

     I like to think that alot of my influences and confidence was forged in the art section here on newgrounds. Adding art for the sake of art and getting you guys to comment on it or send me the odd message of support really helped so thanks to everybody at Newgrounds!

so here's the link to Steam and the link to the PS4 store.

Launching is a scary time for any developer. Thanks for dropping by!


-jouste the drawbarian


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2016-10-19 16:24:20

Oh wow! haha I've been following your art on here and simultaneously talking to friends about this game. Small world.

jouste responds:

Hey awesome!

Thanks for spreading the word!



2016-10-24 21:11:10

I am proud of you

jouste responds:

hey thanks a ton pal!

good to hear from you!