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jouste's News

Posted by jouste - September 23rd, 2010

hey hey all!

so i promised to drop off the link to a download of a bigger behemoth print so you guys can print it off and hang it on your fridge! or in your locker! or staple it to your face and cut out two eye holes so people know that you love the behemoth!

so i entered Jazza's wicked cool poster contest for larry and the gnomes and i also am working on some other stuff. madness day was great! and i hope everybody had a maddening time playing all teh sweet games and watching all the rad movies.

oh man i got january! hooray! thats two years in a row i snagged that sweet month. what an awesome turnout for art this year in the calendar contest. i absolutely love the cover and i'm super honored and stoked to be a part of it.

hope all you newgrounders are keeping cool. thanks a pile for dropping by!

-jouste the drawbarian

Happy Madness day to all and my Pax-plosion

Posted by jouste - August 26th, 2010

hey folks!

just wanted to get up a new news post cause the old one is old. been dabbling in some more freelance stuff and trying to get back on my feet. anyone hitting PAX west this year? i shall be there and looking forward to meeting anyone in the flesh from this awesome community of newgrounders!

anyways i might be doing a third madness entry cause the series is so cool but we'll have to see. oh and can everyone who bought my red baron poster send me a PM please? i gotta get you those psuedo personalized sketches ;D

stay frosty all you fiends of the internet.

-jouste the drawbarian

the madness!

Posted by jouste - May 13th, 2010

hello all you insane cleavers of calamity!

it has been a while since my last news post but hear me out! it appears that my red baron poster has hit the NG store! and have i got a deal for you. i will personally draw a quick sketch for EVERYONE who picks one up! my little way of saying thanks for the support! it will be probably of some armored dude or something.

i'll be keeping track of everyone on the purchasing list but just in case i miss you throw me a PM and i'll get you a sketch out as soon as i can!

i'll also be switching to a faster form of coloring (like whalestrom here) so i can get out more content to all you cool dudes and dudettes.

slay on you legions of loudness


red baron poster!? zounds!

Posted by jouste - March 13th, 2010

well hello to all you awesome newgrounders!

I've been doing some commisions along with some independent game stuff as well as some casual gaming projects its been busy but awesome at the same time. i'm going to try and get me a job as a concept artist if its the last thing i do.

so it's been slow but i really gotta get back into drawing my own characters, i feel like hey are being neglected or something with all this recent fan stuff. perhaps i'll get a small comic on the go just to keep them going?

anyways rock on you jovial jesters of online justice! keep fighting the good fight!

-jouste the drawbarian out

qua-hoon! commisions and comics!

Posted by jouste - January 28th, 2010

hey all you crazy people.

been a long time since i wrote anything down here. nothing much going on. my studio shut down so i'm un-employed at the moment trying to find a purpose. been getting up to some drawing recently but it feels really directionless at the moment. anyways hopefully things pick up but i hope you are all doing awesome and i'll be posting a lot more regularly now.

later gators. go NG!



Posted by jouste - October 9th, 2009

hey all you cool crazy cats!

so the sketch trade went swimmingly with dommi-fresh rocking out a sweet version of my lazarus legion dude! i'm pretty happy with my version of dommi's dangerous jim character, it was a blast to do and better happen again soon!

so i did up an entry for the halloween art contest, the story was hilarious and the entries are looking hot so be sure to get yours in the running! here's mine!

and newground news aside a very cool contest is going on that is eating up what little spare time i got going on its the 2nd annual unearthly challenge! a cool contest where teams make up 3d game environment scenes with current gen game specs. there's also a 2d contest as well! super cool stuff, last years had some awesome winners.

thanks for checking out the news dudes! *highfives*


unearthly challenge whooo!

Posted by jouste - September 30th, 2009

hey all!

it's been a bit of a cluster at work but i'm back on the art-making train!
i've been getting so much reviews from so many people and that deserves a huge thanks from me!

thanks so much!

some things coming up are a super cool sketch trade with that awesome dude dommi-fresh!

hopefully i do dangerous jim justice! or else he'll come over and cut my heart out with matilda the machete D:

stay cool folks, be talking to you later.



Posted by jouste - September 15th, 2009

holy cow a MASSIVE thank you to all the people that viewed my behemoth necromancer picture!

i've never gotten that many views on anything i've ever done so it's pretty crazy over here. so if you stopped by to check it and my other art out thanks so much! you all know who you are. :D

there isn't an easy way of knowing when a review has been posted so if you've written one and haven't gotten a reply from me yet fear not! for i shall be responding, no matter what the message!

so to all the high reviews and low reviews i salute you! you've all been so awesome and refueled my artsy blood into creating new things.

you guys rock.


highfives for all!

Posted by jouste - September 8th, 2009

so i missed it this year due to some of the worst possible planning on my end. but from what i hear it was a super cool time!

next year for sure. and i managed to get a print of mine down to those cool folks at the giant rooster! made my year, a super big thanks to my pal brad.

and another thanks is in order from my pal wolfenhiem who so graciously helped me out after i had been de-scouted, you rule pal :D.

i have some new pics in the works now that arkham asylum has been beaten. (game of the year?)

hear from you all soon!


great to hear that PAX was a hit!

Posted by jouste - August 20th, 2009

hey everybody!
thanks to everyone who gave my pics a lookin'
very cool to be here. absolutely love the site.

more drawings will be coming soon and i hope you'll be "digging" them! D: